iCloud e-mail body problem

I have already done some research but the solutions found have not solved my problem.

I set up an Apple iCloud account in the MAIL app: s*****@icloud.com.
Automatic confiugation has completed successfully, account configured in IMAP.

In the app I see all emails and folders, but I can’t see body of messages.

MAIL: 0.21.0
PHP: 7.2.22
MYSQL: 5.6.44

I am having the same problem, and I am running the same versions.
Other parts of the mail box show up sent, junk , …. all show up fine , but the inbox is always blank with a spinning circle.

same problem here, any news so far?

I have the same problem too !
I set up my iCloud account successfully but I can’t see body of messages
Any news so far ?

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