I want to start using Nextcloud using cloudamo...but it seems to be breaking after I put my email address in?

I’ve been trying to sign up to use Nextcloud with cloudamo today and after I put my email in and click Sign Up, it looked like it was working for a minute and then just opened the list of all providers. When I tried to do it again, it says I already have an account, but it never took me to a further registration page or sent me any emails. I’ve tried using forgot my password on the cloudamo website to see if I can get in that way and it also doesn’t work.

I tried using a different email to just try to get in, hoping I could switch it to my main email later, and it did the same thing where it looked like it was loading for a moment, then popped open the list of providers, and when I hit ‘sign up’ again, it gives me the error saying there’s already an account for that email.

I’m very confused, and not sure who I should be talking to about this?

We can offer you a Nextcloud Account, but not for free.

Please look here.

Looks like something went wrong with the signup, not sure what exactly. To fix it, Cloudamo needs to take action so email them. As it is a free service, it can take some time for them to respond. If they don’t respond in a timely manner, subscribe to a different hoster.

Regarding GDPR they need to respond if you request deletion of your email/account (or offer a way to delete your account).

Okay I’ll contact them. Wasn’t sure if they could do anything since it was during the signup on nextcloud’s site.

Well it won’t be free for long :joy: I’m starting with about 18gb of photos and videos to backup. So hopefully they help me out pretty quick.

Thanks for the help!