I want to migrate and upgrade sqlite3 database on nextcloud to mariadb

I’m running a nextcloud instance in Unraid Docker and I want to upgrade my sqlite database to mariadb and I read about a command line tool but the commands don’t work for me. Is there propper commands to execute from the console or a correct way of doing this where I won’t make a mess of my nextcloud, its hosting about 150 links right now for products for my online store and its very important that I get it right. Its just a little bit slow and I would like to upgrade the database. Can anyone help me please?

I don’t want to interfere with my store, https://OfficeRat.Store its super important.

Please have look in the Nextcloud administrator guide.

Please use the usual business attempt to make sure an upgrade is working. This starts by doing regular backups, creating a clone of your PROD environment, testing everything on the cloned system and once the correct functionality has been confirmed, switch over to the new system.