I want β—‹β—―β—‹ stickers! πŸ˜€

@MariusBluem - I would love to have a couple β—‹β—―β—‹ Nextcloud stickers. Especially just a die-cut logo of the 3 circles as found on github. Maybe in a couple different sizes too (S/M/L & in white or blue, etc).

Stickermule.com/marketplace/ as well as many others offer on-demand purchasing of these type of stickers. Any chance y’all could upload the art to one of those services for purchase? *note, i have no affiliation with the site and was just offering it as an example. Tx!


The logo is cool, but why the hell did they name is β€œNextcloud”; they don’t have any more imagination?:wink:

I think there is currently no place where we sell merch :grin: You can find the stickers and more in our promo repository :wink:

… A good place to get them might also be the Conference https://conf.nextcloud.com :grin:

cc @jan @jospoortvliet for the merch store :grin:

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A name that has been previously used in software development and cloud services.
They should learn to use a search engine.

The next fork will be named UberNextCloud. :stuck_out_tongue:

We can use the name Ploutus, after the roman god of hoarding resources;)

or we can find a god of the clouds;)

If you are close to Munich, Stuttgart or Berlin, you can also pick some up at one of our meetups, :wink:

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yeah a merch store has to be set up, I haven’t found time but if somebody feels like doing so - go ahead :wink:

Any news about this topic? We would love to advertise Nextcloud at Universities and Schools.

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Mail me your address and we’ll sent you a package with stickers, posters and flyers. And a t-shirt or two. How about that?

What? Thats so easy? :slight_smile:

Well, yeah, if you want to promote Nextcloud at your university or local hackerspace we’re happy to send you some stuff to help you do so :wink: