I want an individual user ( who is not my admin user ) to create a Group Folder

For my regular users, as my admin I see the groups they are in and which groups they can be admin for.

Currently, I can assign a Group Folder only as my admin user.

What I want to do is, as a regular user, allocate admin rights for one of his groups and then have the ability to create a Group folder for that group. I don’t want to put this user in the admin group as this would give him too much power over all the nextcloud data in my configuration.

The reason I want to be able to create a Group folder and not a folder shared to the group is, that if user X creates such a shared folder and then gets kicked off the system, all that data that everyone needs will be lost when he’s gone. If he creates a Group Folder and is kicked off the system, the Group and all its remaining members should still have access to the data in the group folder.

So I want for User X is: Groups: sales Groups admin for: sales and then the ability to create a Group Folder for the sales group.

I think right now, this is not possible?