I updated nextcloud and lost my config!


I updated nextcloud from the last version based on php 4.7 to nextcloud 27 based on php 8.2 and all my config is lost…

My database was mariadb it is now sqlite

Users have disappeared but it seems that some files mentionning them are still there, so I can’t do anything with these files…

So… updating is a real mess!

What can I do?

Thank you.


How, precisely, did you update?

Also what was your original installation method?

I am running fedora 38. When I installed fedora38, the nextcloud version in fedora repo was compatible with php 7.4, so I installed this version of php and configured nextcloud.

I updated fedora recently and nextcloud was updated too but immediately complained that php 7.4 was not the version required by the new version of nextcloud.

So I updated php to php 8.2 and nextcloud seemed to be happy but it does not recognize my previous config…

Thank you for helping.