I think Nextcloud isn't keeping the file versions it's supposed to

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My config file contains the following:
‘versions_retention_obligation’ => ‘60, auto’;

What I think this should do is keep all versions of files for 60 days and then apply default rules.

I have a file which I edit multiple times a day. I was just trying to go back to a version from last Wednesday and the versions I can see are:

1 version from 28.09
1 version from 27.09
1 version from 21.09

Those are really few versions. Like I said, I edit the file multiple times a day and I was expecting there to be many versions from each day. That’s what I was getting in ownCloud, before migrating to Nextcloud.

I can post the Nextcloud logs, etc., but they seem to contain a lot of personal information, so I’d rather didn’t until it was absolutely necessary.

I would appreciate any input on this.

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I’m having the same problem. It seems to me as if Version Control is broken because I haven’t even overridden ‘versions_retention_obligation’ in config.php and still I get random versions of files I edit quite often. Sometimes there are few versions, sometimes there are none!
Hopefully someone will let us know something…