I spotted some mistakes in translation

I greet the community!
Recently i spotted some “mistakes” in Greek translation of Android app.
In the previous version of the application, the messages were most clearly.
Now confuse the user (especially if you have no previous experience of use).
I have version 1.4.2 of Android Nextcloud client ( application ).

Is there a particular place to mention the problem and my proposed solution?
It would be my pleasure to help the community even in this way.

Anyway, thank you very much the people involved in the Greek translation of the application.

Translations are normally managed in Transifex. I think there you can only join the translation team for a specific language, there is no bugtracker…

So i can not report the problem anywhere in particular;

( At the GitHub ; )

If it’s only for one string, it’s probably not worth to join the transifex stuff. Then, I would just report in on github, the developer should have access to the translations as well.

Thanks you for your advice. :slight_smile: