I need the directions on https

Hi All,

Would some kind person direct me to the directions on how to use https with my Fedora 31 server?

Many thanks,

What web server are you using?


I am following these directions:

Debian, but i think it works also for Fedora. It also uses certbot.
You must forward port 80 and 443 from the internet through the router to your server.

I still need the directions

Then you need to be more specific…

How do I get this thin to work with https?

@devnull already posted a tutorial…

Just use the packages cert-bot packages for Fedora. Take a look at the following link:


Apache HTTPS tutorials are pretty abundant online, but you’ll most likely want to set up certbot. I posted a link to that. They have instructions.

Thank you all! Look like what I need. :grinning: