I need help with install nextcloud on raspberry pi 4

Hi, I need advice on how to simply install the nextcloud on raspberry pi 4.
Next, I need to connect two SATA 3.5 hard drives each with a capacity of 1 terabyte. I need to work in raid mode.
Please help

go to nextcloudpi and get yourself the image for raspi 4. the most easy way.

i dunno if raspi4 will get your hdds enough powewr via usb-slots… and i am sure there is some software helping you setting up a raid with your 2 hdds. but like any software… it’s a risk.

Have you thought about asking aunt G. first or using the search function of this forum, which you find in the upper right corner of the screen? :wink:


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Might help with setting up your drives in RAID 1.

If the pi can’t power your drives you can find USB cables that allow you to feed power separately to data on amazon.

Use this for installing nextcloud: https://ownyourbits.com/nextcloudpi/