I lost 2FA device and backup codes required for 2FA

As title says, I lost 2FA device and backup codes I taken. What should I do for logging into my account. As I haven’t uploaded any important data, it’s ok for to getting account back with zero data. Can you help me?

Perhaps you can disable it. Not tested.

Administrator account locked out due to 2FA enforcement

Do you have sudo access to the Linux box it runs on?
If so, you can either disable 2FA for the admin user.
Or create a new admin user without 2FA enabled.
All that just using the occ command…

I created a personal account, not for organisation or anything. I only had singed into that android device. Isn’t there other way to get account back? Once my account in another storage platform, MEGA.NZ, I got it back, though lost all data inside it. I wonder if there’s anything like that in Nextcloud as well

Sorry i do not really understand it. But 2FA is not client side encryption. If you lost 2FA you can reactivate account and do not lost your data. If you lost client side certificates you lost all your data but not your account.

Are you saying someone else (not you) administer the Nextcloud server you can’t login into?

If so - no, you can’t get back into your account without admin intervention…

What I meant was, I signed up from here https://nextcloud.com/signup/ . I made NextCloud just for backing up data from my phone, no other uses intended. And I logged in Nextcloud app, sever as https://nextcloud03.webo.cloud

I signed up from here https://nextcloud.com/signup/ . How can I reactivate my account?

And explanation on Mega.nz, I had an account it, activated 2FA with my mobile number, unfortunatelyi lost my SIM. In that case, they have an option to get account back, but will lose all files uploaded into it. I had no choice but to lose, I got it back then.

Once again, only people that administer the NC server can help you!
Contact them… None of them post here…

No, you don’t have a recovery option like you had at mega…