I have upgrade to nextcloud 11, but I found there is some problem with text editor

I have upgrade to nextcloud 11, but I found there is some problem with text editor, it will auto save file second by second, everytime I input something, I think it’s not neccessry, it will autosave in about 1 minute before. now every time i input something the browser will do somehing, could you please check it’s a bug or just a function?
Thanks a lot

I am reviving this topic.

I have NC 12.0.2 and I have the same thing going on. I don’t think it’s a bug. But I hope it is something that we can configure. I would increase autosave to every 10 minutes at least. I’ll go ahead and risk the inadvertent crash or disconnect losing a bit of typing.

Let me know if I am wrong, but every time a text file is autosaved this creates a version issue and an entry in the database. In my case, I don’t want another version until I click save. I would prefer another option that allowed session saves, but then purged the saves from the END of last session and the END of the current session. Therefore, in the event of a crash you would have the temporary saves (versions) but once recovered those would be purged from the database and we’d be left with only the intentionally saved versions.

Anyway, any help on getting the autosaves configured would be much appreciated.

This appears to be intended and mimicks the big online tools (GDocs, Office online, etc) where everything is autosaved instantaneously to avoid data loss should you incur a crash.

The load on the db should be fairly insignificant, and should pale in comparison to all the other db queries running all the time.

I can write a lot in 10 minutes, and would therefore lose a lot if it didn’t autosave. How it is now is a simple implementation (so none of that logic required in your scenario) and no one needs to think about it.

However, raise it as an issue (the OP should have too) if you’d like your suggestions to be considered by the devs:

Well it creates a ton of revisions. Not sure if they are permanent or not, but I suspect they are.

Anyway, how does one raise it as an issue that the devs will actually see? I didn’t see a suggestion box in the list of forum categories.

Click the link to github at the bottom of my previous post, then create a new issue either with the"new" button or the + in the top right if you’re mobile. You’ll need an account on github but that should only take a couple of minutes.

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Thanks J, much appreciated!

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they are not all kept. Only a few ones, a couple of seconds ago, a minute ago, 5 minutes or something similar.
Do you have a real problem, you are running out of space, your performance is bad because of this feature?

Hi tflidd:

No it’s not a performance issue it’s a human workload issue.

Before I get into the issue though let me say I think the authors of this text editor may have already addressed the issue, it just wasn’t apparent while I was working. I’ll have to test to be sure (and I will before submitting anything to Github) but I think they built in a maintenance routine to delete extraneous revisions because I went back to the file I originally noticed this on and there is only the original file. So I am not sure what’s going on and if someone could direct me to an explanation that would be great, but otherwise I’ll tinker with it and figure it out when it’s a bit more convenient.

The issue for me at the moment isn’t one of performance or taking up too much disk space. But the database normalizer and pennypincher in me looks to the future and so I want to turn off things that I don’t want or need and take up space. I dare say that seems a perfectly reasonable user configuration request.

My issue (which may not really be an issue because of some sort of maintenance cycle) is a rollback issue. In the event I actually need to go back to a revision, I don’t want to wade through hundreds of revisions to find the perfect one. I’d rather wade through a few “I think this version is worth saving in case I need to rollback” revisions. I hope that makes sense?

However, if the maintenance cycle removes revisions that occur within an hour of each other, except the last edit, or something like that – that’s close enough for my preferences. I think something like this is going on, but not 100% sure. It would be nice to know exactly what is going on.

There is an issue where someone wants individual autosave times:

Github is also the right place to check the source, and from old pull request you can perhaps gather some information about how it is working. And in doubt you need to ask a developer there (or via irc). or ask to document it somewhere.

I would first try to get used to it a bit by myself, with versioning you should be able to see how many previous versions are actually kept. I don’t think there are not hundreds of them. And I’d rather create a bug report or feature request when the editor is not working as you would expect or you know how it could work better.

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