I have problems with storage space for nextcloud


I am a new nextcloud home user. I have problems with storage space? The disk space is 1.5 TB, but Nextcloud reports that the space is only 81.5 GB? Nextcloud is installed on Ubuntu server 22.04 version and Nextcloud version is 24.0.3. In the user settings, I have set the default to 1 TB. Can you please help?

Thank you

Mostly the user have configured the datadirectory on the wrong partition.

Search in config/config.php

'datadirectory' => '/path/to/nextcloud/data',

Please post this entry and post details of your partitions.
You can move the datadirectory to another path/partition if needed.


Thank you for your answer. I believe I can get it resolved.
The Nextcloud installation comes automatically, in the installation of the Ubuntu server, if you wish. It cannot be influenced by which directory the data partition goes into


Really. Or do you use Snap? Then search Nextcloud Snap installation

I use this installation guide for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS without Snap.

Yes, that would be the rather inflexible snap installation. It’s in a list of available packages during Ubuntu Server setup.

Personally I would not recommend this method.