I could not find the MAIL app in store

Hi everybody,

Im new to Nextcloud. I installed a fresh copy to my vps with the recommended apps during setup. After setup finished, I was trying to find the MAIL app, so I went to store under communication categories, its not there. And it was not installed during setup as well. I thought one of the recommended app was actually Mail.

How can I install the Mail app?

Anybody can help me? Appreciate your time

Base on the app description the app should be found under the categories “social” and “office”.

You can also download the app from the app store and install it manually on the console. You find the app here:


I went to every single category and could not find the mail app.

anyway, thanks for the link.

How do you install apps manually?

How do you install apps manually?

  1. Download the archive file
  2. Extract the content of the archive to the apps folder for non-default apps.
  3. set the directory/file ownership to the user under which the web server is running.

There is currently a but in Nextcloud 20 that wrongly filters out some valid app releases. Fix/app fetcher php compat comparison by ChristophWurst · Pull Request #25335 · nextcloud/server · GitHub fixes that.

What do I have todo from my site to get the mail app?

The easiest option is to wait for Nextcloud 20.0.7

Thanks a lot for the prompt response