I can't upload new files to the server

Hi! First of all, I am using nextcloud as a snap. Everything worked fine until recently when I noticed that my shared folders aren’t syncing anymore. I tried to add files through the web interface as well but the result was the same.

I can download the files just fine, I tried to create a new shared folder on another pc and it it synced the files that were already uploaded just fine, (also the web interface works flawlessly), but when I try to upload anything to it it gives me the “Some files couldn’t be synced” error. So I believe that there’s a problem with the permissions, but strangely I checked the data directory (the /var/snap/nextcloud/common/nextcloud/data) and the permissions were set to 770.

Upon messing around with the nextcloud client app when I was trying to add some files to the shared folder I found an error that says: “Directory not found ~/Nextcloud/directory” in which the shared folder is the Nextcloud one and the directory is the directory that I copied to the shared folder to sync to the server.

I am not sure what could cause this issue but I really need it fixed and I can’t really find any helpful posts anywhere on the internet. Also I am sorry if my description is not the best, i really suck at it, but I am happy to provide anything that it’s needed to solve the problem.

Thank you!