I can't share files/folders with certain usergroups. Could use help

I have two folders, A and B. I want to share the A folder with the user group “Users”, and I want to share the B folder with the user group “Records”.

When I go into the Sharing settings, for Folder A and B, and I am logged in as Admin, I can share either folder with the user group “Users”, and even share both folders with each user individually (should I wish to).
But I just can NOT share any of the folders with the user group “Records”. The usergroup “Records” just refuses to show up in the sharing options, no matter how I seem to set things, or what I am trying to share.
I just do not understand why? Why does the group “Users” show up, but not some other usergroups?

I could use some tips or suggestions

PS. I am not using the “Group folder” app at all, and “allow sharing with groups” option is enabled in the Admin sharing settings… DS

Is the “Users” group the only one that shows up?

Or is the “Records” group the only one that does not?

I seem to have no problems doing what you want…

Do you have different language keyboards on your PC?

It’s more “Records” that doesn’t show up. Other groups do, like “Users”, “Admin” etc.
By “different keyboard”, do you mean ‘non-english layout’?

Not layout.
More like non-latin based…
Letters e, c, o, etc. are the same in Cyrillic, for example.
But if used, would not be recognized as their latin equivalents…
So, search for latin “Records” would come up empty.

Create a new group Records2 using latin keyboard and see whether it comes up…