I can't send Emails

I’m using Nextcloud 21.0.1 uptodate, now in the Mail App I can’t store the SMTP password for the accounts, every time I save it in the box, it keep blank after I reopen the mail config screen and the SEND button when I try to create a new email its disable and I can’t send emails.

Any idea?

New Info: Looks like the SMTP is stored, because if I receipt an email from another account and I click in Reply and write some response, the email is send, so I can’t create NEW email only.

Sounds like you didn’t actually select a recipient for the new message. Until then the send button stays disabled.

I did, I already fill subject and write some text in the message area and nothing

Mind sharing a screenshot from the composer where the button is grayed out?

I was trying in my phone take the screenshot and… when I was typing the email address a popup appears with the + to add it… in my PC browser never show it… so I just clear all cache cookies and it’s working now.

Thanks for your help!

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