I can't (or don't know) how to mount NFS on NCP (Nextcloud Pi, Rock64)


Hello, I have tried to follow this tutorial in order to setup an NSF share between Nextcloud pi and my desktop (Ubuntu).

However, I receive some error messages, mainly something like “permission denied by the server”.

This is how I have set it up :

  1. My desktop is and Nextcloud Pi server is

  2. My firewall allows only port 443 & 4443. I don’t want/need port 80 so far. It means and only.

  3. First, I have enabled NFS through the web-GUI with /media/USBdrive/ncdata/user/files, as IP address, and www-data as user & group.

  4. Then I access Nextcloud Pi through SSH as root and put in /etc/exports : /media/USBdrive/ncdata/user/files,sync,all_squash,anonuid=33,anongid=33,no_subtree_check)

  5. So I save and do in the terminal sudo exportfs -ra

  6. Now I go on the desktop and use in the terminal : mkdir mnt/NCP to make the mounting folder.

  7. Then sudo mount /mnt/NCP to mount the NFS. This is where it send the error message regarding the access denied by the server.

  8. So I continue anyway with : gedit admin:///etc/fstab to add the following line : /mnt/NCP nfs rw,user,exec 0 0 to hope an auto-boot, even if I know that something was previously wrong. And finally, nothing happen, no NFS.

So do you think if maybe a firewall issue ? In the tutorial, it is said that the NFS server relies on RPCbind (also known as portmapper) which runs on TCP and UDP port 111. So shall I make a port forwarding like and/or ?

Is there anything else I have forgot to install or did anything wrong ?

Thank you very much for your help.

Sorry but can somebody help me please (and maybe others) ? Thank you !