I can't log in!

Nextcloud version not sure (see below)
Operating system and version Ubuntu 22.04
Apache or nginx version Apache2 (see below)
PHP version can’t tell (see below)
The issue you are facing:
I decided to sync too much and filled up my disk space. Nextcloud now won’t let me login and there’s not enough room to sync stuff (as far as I can tell)

Is there anyway I can repair this aside from re-installing and starting from scratch?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

Free up space. You could add an extra hard disk and move the data directory to that new hard disk. But you should stop syncing and free up disk space first.
This must be done on operating system level, not via the web frontend.

Much luck,

I’ve discovered that my hosting company is offering more disk space for less money, but you have to re-install all your software. I’m going to take that option which means I’ll have re-install, so there’s no point exploring other options

Thanks for the reply though. Much appreciated.

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