I can't "Enabling MySQL 4-byte support" what the real impact on nextcloud


I update nextcloud to 15.0.7.

And I get the warning message to enable MySQL 4-byte support.

I read the documentation here 10.2 or earlier :

And after some search it can be dangerous to change innodb_* mariadb parameter for other existing database. ( it’s a galera cluster with many other database and I don’t want to broke them :wink: )

So I want to know the real impact on nextcloud if i don’t enabling MySQL 4-byte support ? what wouldn’t work ?


After reading the page you only enable 4bit support per db.
I’d make a backup and try.
Another would be to dump the data and reinit each db.

Or use postgres :smiley:


I don’t see that the modification is per db.

When you change innodb_* parameter it’s a global change for all db, isn’t it?

I’ve searched a way to do this per db but don’t read it’s possible.

Use postgres or dump and reinit each db aren’t possible ;).

My solution is to build a new Database serveur for our Nextcloud instance. And I can change what I want on it with no impact on our other databases.

Thank :wink: