I can't close the office document

  • Nextcloud 21.0.2
  • Community Document Server 0.1.9
  • ONLYOFFICE 6.1.1

Only office is set up as follows

Nowhere do I see any button that would save and close the document

Hi @gusto, there is no button for this. When you editing a document onlyoffice server saves changes on his memory cache allowed ( ram). You just have to close the tab of onlyoffice editor and after the server will save automatically save your document on your nextcloud if no one have open the document. you can force the save by using ctrl+s ( enable keep intermediate version when editing/ forcesave).

Hi @gusto

Try this button…

@bb77 this button not closing the tab of onlyoffice editor … so no save is made on nextcloud server. It just opening another tab at the location of the file being edited.

I just tested it. As soon as I stop writing, Onlyoffice saves the document. You can see this by the Save button, which then turns gray. If you then close the document, either with the back button of the browser or this button, the changes are kept. There is no other way to go back anyways if “Open file in same tab” is active.

This button dosen’t open anything. It brings you back to the file view. Same as you would press the back button of your browser.

I have disable " open file in the same tab" so I don’t have this behavior…

Like I said here :

but there a little delay time when the onlyoffice server save the document on nextcloud server.
open 2 tab of nextcloud, edit a document ( don’t close the tab ) and with the other tab check the last save of the file.

yes because you don’t have enable keep intermediate version when editing/ forcesave in the app settings.

Yeah you’re right. If “open file in the same tab” is disabled it opens a new tab. But OP has it enabled.

Yes it is probably better to use it your way if you want to be a 110% sure everything gets saved everytime. :wink:

But I did not manage to provoke a data loss on my test instance. As soon as the save buttos is grayed out, you can go back, or if you are working with multiple tabs you can close the tab. I use the Docker container on the test instance, not the integrated app, which is known for not saving documents reliably :wink:

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@bb77 if you want to lose changes on your document, you just have to shutdown onlyoffice server ( in your case the container) when the document is edited :ok_hand::rofl:


Yes if you try hard enough there is always a way to lose data :wink:

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