I cannot login Android app

I have just installed the android app (version 3.13.0) from the playstore.
After installing it, I cannot login.
the app will continue to show a spinning circle.
Can anyone tell me what to do?

Please explain IN DETAIL how your environment looks like, in which environment you tried to access your Nextcloud, e.g. over the Internet or on your LAN, how you’ve entered the address data, what errors are shown or being logged, etc., etc.

I tried to access through wifi at home with the Android app version 3.13.0.
when the login/register appears I fill in https://cloud.xx.net
I tried it with and without the https://
this works but after giving in my name and password the blue circle next to login keeps spinning.
How do I find what errors have been logged? As said I am new to the app.

What other info can I provide?