I cannot boot my nextcloud box (green light flashing 4 times)

Hello all!

I just bought an Nextcloud box and Raspberry Pi 2. After following the instructions to mount the box, I plugged it into the current.

The only behaviour of the R. Pi 2 is to show the red led turned on, and the green one flashing 4 times fast and 4 times slowly.

I have tried out two different Raspberry Pis, also to use two different SD cards, and I do not know what I am doing wrong.

Any of you know what could be happening?

Thank you!

PS: Where I live I have no HDMI displays, so I cannot check the R. Pi output.

Hi @Pablo_Sanchez, the output is exactly what we need in order to help you troubleshoot it.
But you can try to format one of your SD cards with Raspbian Jessie and then check your router logs for any new address assignment, then you’ll know that your RPI is atleast booting up correctly. But again to further troubleshoot we’ll need logs, output errors, etc.

Thank you for your answer!

I have just tested with Raspbian and the R. Pi behaves the same (4 flashes).
Is it possible that the hardware is damaged?

It is a pity I have no monitor here to check the output.

Hi Pablo,

I had/have a very similar experience. Bought the Nextcloud Box with SD card. Put it in my RasPi2 and it would not boot. Only the red LED would light up (no green). I did connected the Rp2 to a display and all I could see was an image with rainbow colours. I booted my Rp2 with Jessie and it booted fine. It very briefly displays the rainbow coloured image and then boots up. The Rp2 indicates activity with the green LED flashing. The above makes me believe there is something wrong with the image.

  • If you cannot boot the Rp2 with another image then it sounds reasonable that your Rp2 is faulty.
  • Can you read your SD card on your PC?

In my case, I thought maybe the SD card is faulty but I could read it on my PC. I downloaded an image from nextcloud download (ubuntu snappy) and put it on another SD card. Same issue. It would not boot.

I’ve now gone down the route of installing Raspbian and installing Nextcloud manually but I find the Rp2 being too slow to handle the web pages.

Hi @Pablo_Sanchez
I know its an old post. I have exactly the same issue as you.
got the nextcloud box package
when i connect all according to the guide i get rainbow sceen and 4 times slow and 4 times fast green led flashing.

How did you solve this issue in the end.

Thank you for your help

Sorry for the late reply. I think I had a problem with my card writer but I am not sure. But I think I posted the solution in a different discussion on this forum. I’ll have a look.