I can not write a new article in the howto category

i want to write something in the howto category, but it’s not possible, the button is grayed out and not clickable. Why? Do I have to write 1000 Spam-Articles in other sections to get the permission?

The button

sould look like this

FYI: My howto is about a small change because of the annoying (tree-dot) more apps menu

Edit the file in your Nextcloud installation folder.
The path is

Search for
var minAppsDesktop
Change the value (default is 8) of the variable to a larger number e.g. 16
Save the changes.

could happen that you don’t have enough privileges to put it there. so why not just writing it and adding a “[Howto]” to the title?

and i’m sure someone will put it into the howto-directory sometime :wink:

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as far as i understand this little howto you need to do that after every update of NC again since the installing-routine would overwrite your changes.

could you try putting this into an app?

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The #How-to-FAQs category requires privileges newer users won’t have to prevent it being filled with random topics. So if it’s a decent how-to one of us will see it and move it accordingly.

On your how-to, either app it or put it into a custom theme as @JimmyKater is right in saying it’ll get overridden with updates


Thank you,
as soon as I have the time I will get into it. I know, it is just a quick and dirty solution to change core code.

For now it’s not a big deal for me to change little things when doing the core-update once a month or less common.

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I am just wondering if rules of How-to tutorial contents apply to article too meaning in order to write or publish an article one must have a right privilege.