I can not find mail provisioning settings

How do I set the preferences for automatically creating mail accounts, as would be the case in the old version of the cloud.
In nc17, It looks like it doesn’t work now.
It used to be like that:

'app.mail.accounts.default' =>array(
   'email' => '%EMAIL%',
   'imapHost' => 'mail.domain.com',
   'imapPort' => 993,
   'imapUser' => '%EMAIL%',
   'imapSslMode' => 'ssl',
   'smtpHost' => 'mail.domain.com',
   'smtpPort' => 587,
   'smtpUser' => '%EMAIL%',
   'smtpSslMode' => 'tls',

And lost the setup guide in the documentation:


open the web interface of Nextcloud. Go to the settings. Go to groupware.

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