I assume there are logs somewhere?

I am looking for proper logs, login/out success or failure, file reads/share/create etc, ya know, logs, the full shebang.

I have looked at the webui but the admin/logging is poop.

I have looked through /var/logs/ and there are bit and pieces but a lot of the info is json and/or just a stream of data, not human-readable.

Iv done some searching and installed Auditing / Logging , iv set up the config.php and sent the OCC command root@nextcloud:~ # su -m www -c 'php /usr/local/www/nextcloud/occ config:app:set admin_audit logfile --value=/mnt/files/audit.log' which is where my “files” are mounted, audit.log is there and is working.

I dont get anything like this ?

Iv done all i can but still need support pls, thx.

The logreader currently only accesses the nextcloud.log. The audit log, however, can be integrated by configuring it to also log there. That’s how you end up with an integrated view like that.

Try this:

  'log.condition' => [
          'apps' => [ 'admin_audit'],
  'logfile_audit' => '/var/www/html/data/nextcloud.log',

And don’t use the config:app:set for admin_audit (it doesn’t hurt anything, but it’s the old way of doing things and considered a legacy parameter).

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Cool, i should have guessed, although every time i try something that might “feel” like it could work i end up messing things up.

I had been looking at Grafana & Cacti etc, but just too much aggro, if i could even get it to work. Looks nice though.

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