I am in NC 17 and I wonder If I can upgrade to 18 or 19? solved

I am on NC 17.0.8 and I wonder why I do not get an upgrade suggestion to V18 or 19, neither with Stable nor with beta version. When I look ot the downloadsite: https://nextcloud.com/install/# I see there is already an version 19 as stable.

Any hints welcome. I can’t directly upgrade on the server itself. I have to use the nextcloud updater. Other option: install it as a second instance. Can I then migrate the content from the V17 to V19 (users, data). I think I can move data directory but that is not enough. Can I get data also into the new DB?
By the way is there a list with minimum / maximum php versions needed for the different NC versions.
Thank’s for hints.

Personally, I found this to be useful: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/latest/admin_manual/maintenance/manual_upgrade.html

Have your tried these steps? AFAIK 19 will support php 7.2 and higher, you’ll need to upgrade to 7.3 for the coming nc 20.

Hi Martin,
thanks for the hint. The issue is that I am on hosted environment. I can logon to the server but I can not stop webserver and I can not execute the command: “sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade”
I can excute php scripts via the webserver. Multi user access is not an issue, It is my instance just for me. Is there an Alternativ to trigger after putting the new version onto the server like //myserver/Upgrade to starto the upgrade?
I do have SSH access but don’t know how I could start “php occ upgrade” directly there. I think user-rights are not an issue I am there as my own root.
Best regards

php occ upgrade

Use it with your user in your nextcloud dir.

But use better

php updater/updater.phar

I was now able to upgrade to latest NC17 version and on this verison I can work with php7.2 and can upgrade to 18 and 19.