I am getting an Error 302 Found trying to mount the directory using WebDAV

Hello I am trying to mount the nextcloud volume using WebDAV on my linux system and this is what I’ve got in my fstab:

https://cloud.cordonsanitaire.org/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files/goosestepping/ /media/webdav davfs rw,user,uid=frankenstein,noauto 0 0

And this is what I have got in my ~/.davfs2/secrets:

https://cloud.cordonsanitaire.org/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files/goosestepping/ USERNAME PASSWORD

Now when I try to mount the volume I am getting an 302 Found error.

Could somebody please help me?

Thank you.

Do you realy use an own subdomain and additional the directory “nextcloud”.

Test (also without the / at the end)

Copy your correct webdav configuration from your nexcloud webinterface

Where is this? I could not find it…


And yes I am using the cloud. subdomain and I am not sure about the directory nextcloud… :-/

You can found in the nextcloud interface (files) on the left side down under settings the url for webdav. use this url.

Thank you SO much! I was using the wrong address. Heh. I will try it now…

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Working. :slight_smile: