I am almost there, just need a little more help with OnlyOffice

Hi all,

I have been using this tutorial https://www.c-rieger.de/nextcloud-and-only-office-nginx/comment-page-1/#comment-1876

This is for a single server setup with Onlyoffice in Docker on my Ubuntu 16.04

I did a fresh install of nginx (it is running alongside current Apache Server) I do have the nginx default page showing up on the https://myonlyofficedocserver.com:8443

Docker is also working and the onlyoffice files downloaded and docker up and running

I just cannot figure out how to get onlyoffice document server to show up on the https://myonlyofficedocserver.com:8443? Only shows up as the default nginx setup page.

Am I missing a *.conf file somewhere? Can’t really put my finger as to how to get the onlyoffice document server to show up instead of the nginx default