I accidentally deleted the default snyc-exclude.lst on Windows. Can anyone list me a copy of theirs?

I was having trouble with my Windows client so I went to go check on the ignore list. I found multiple copies of the snyc-exclude.lst there so I deleted two of them that seemed like copies. Turns out only one of them was a copy. The second one was actually a system default or something of the sort. I’ve looked all over for a copy of the default ignore list, including the source code for the client on github but can’t seem to find one. Can anyone just copy paste the contents of their snyc-exclude.lst here so I can remake it? Thanks!


I managed to find the default list I was missing in the git repo. Kind of obvious but I guess I missed it while skimming through files.

I’m still having tons of wonky behavior on my clients though. They seem to be endlessly cycling throguh checking files. If I pause all folders and let a single one roll I sometimes will get a green check mark eventually but given enough time that check mark will just pop away and it will start trying to sync again, for what purpose I can not tell. I’ve got my logs I can show but idk if that will really help.

I think you can find it in the source code of the client, here:

Oh cool. I also just found it though in a different location. They look the same so alls good I think. Though my clients are still weirdly cycling over and over again through the syncing process and I can’t tell why.

Created a story for it here: https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/issues/1219