Hyper-V VM file system corruption, is there a way to monitor for it?

Hi, I have had NextCloud running fine in a Hyper-V VM for a while now. Last week, the host blue screened (2012R2), and although this is a vary rare event these days, it bit and then rebooted and came back up and all the VMs restarted just fine (or so i thought). Yesterday the nextcloud server went offline. I logged on to the VM and all seemed fine, so i thought i would restart it. It did not come back up complaining that there were all sorts fo files missing and lots of disk issues. fcsk did not fix it. I run Nagios for server monitoring and although i monitor disk space on the VM, is there a way to monitor for file system corruption and alert me?

In the mean time, I did have a backup script running and exporting th ebackups via FTP to my windows storage server, so with a fresh build and a bit of playing, i have my NextCloud server back up and running with all its original data in tact, so thats a bonus.