Hyper-V console

Hi hopefully someone can help I’m trying to login to the console of my hyper-v based next cloud and the keyboard is all messed up so I’m unable to login, it installed perfectly but for some reason it looks like the keyboard mapping while accessing the console is all over the place so I can’t even type root as a login name I press r and get p help please I need to be able to login and update my ssl

This isn’t normally an issue with Hyper-V. What OS are you running Nextcloud on?

If it’s the Nextcloud VM it’s Ubuntu 18.04.

That stuff is automated in the VM as in one of the first things that happen in the setup script is that the user gets presented with a dpkg-reconffigure-keyboard (the promtps for it). So in other words, if it’s the VM, maybe you chose the wrong keyboard setup during the initial setup of the VM?