Hw? to create group folders in NC27?

I am admin and I would like to create a group folder.
This seems to be not possible with NC27?
I have the app group folders installed and enabled. When I attempt to create a group folder, a box opens telling me there are no files. But there is no group folder either and also any attempts to copy any files are not succesful.

What am I doing wrong?

I am on 27 and everything works flawless!

You are in File view and your main window is showing the trashbin window.

You should go into admin view (top right on your Avatar → “Administration settings”)

to https://<yourcloud>.<tld>/index.php/settings/admin/groupfolders

There you will find this input option:


Much luck!

Ahh, OK, now I found out


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OK, thanks, now I found it!

I used so far NC13 and so many things are new for me