Https:// letsencrypt SSL certificate expired uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on June 17, 2017 at 6:31 PM. The current time is June 18, 2017 at 7:22 AM. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE

.com is still okay.

PS: There is no specific category to report main website issues such as this. There sure are a lot of categories to sift through. :sweat:

The category for this could be “meta”. I didn’t know, does it actually belong to the Nextcloud company? If I ignore the old certificat, anyway no webpage opens.

@jospoortvliet @LukasReschke

Good point about about whether it actually belongs to or not. I just made the assumption it would be since it’s an open source project. Given that the domain registrations are private, I can’t really tell.

we own but don’t use it :wink:

I think it should redirect but that hasn’t been done. At some point we’ll probably put the Nextcloud Foundation there - once we get around to setting that up…

Need help?

We have discussed a rough plan almost a year ago at the first meetup already, and follow-ups occasionally. Frank wanted to ask some universities and others for feedback before sharing the plan in public. I think he mostly hasn’t had time for this :frowning:

After that - well, it won’t be too much work.

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