Https, remote access, and nextcloudpi

How to access nextcloudpi using https?

nextcloudpi 1.52.4
php 8.1.22
client: ubuntu 20.04.5

Nextcloud has been running like a charm. But there are a few questions that I am stumbling over:

  1. Access to Nextcloudpi: When I login to nextcloud remotely, then hit the nextcloudpi icon (linking to, I only get “{“message”:“CORS requires basic auth”}” - what could that mean?
    The same happens via
    I can login via
    But when I try to access, I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
    What could be the reason:
    Browser: Chromium 115.0.5790.102

  2. Remote access via works with TLS. But local access via does not. Together with the first point this means that I can access nextcloudpi via the browser only without TLS. Presumably that is not ideal. Would it make sense to ensure I can access locally using encryption?