Https enabling - The conection isn't private warning

Hi, I enabled https rightnow.
Now when I try to access from the external page the webrowser warning me that the conection isn’t private.
Could be that i did something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

If it says the connection is not private, then it is likely you’re not using SSL. Are you accessing your Nextcloud installation using a https:// address?

this might not be necessarily the case:

chrome/chromium (for example) gives you the error-message “Your connection is not private” if the certificate is not trusted, meaning if it is a self-signed certificate. (whereas firefox tells you: connection not secure)

if that’s the case, there are two possible solutions:

  1. just add an exception for the certificate through your browser …
  2. use a generally trusted certificate. a good point to start would be Let’s Encrypt
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Good point. I had not considered that.

Understood. 1000 thanks!