HTTPS Access schows broken Site


i when i try access my NextCLoud over https, i get a broken site:

Over http everything works fine.
Even my Android Client synchs over https without Problem, only the Site seems to be broken.
Have someone any idears ore a solution, i thin it hase thoming to do with the Appahce rights ore somethin but io can find anythin in an log.

So you are supposed to have two virtual hosts in your apache/nginx configuration. When the http works, try to find the difference. In the long run, you should redirect http to https, but first it must work of course.

Tank you for the answer, i have tried to compare both files on the Apache but cant find the differences. I dont know if that the problem becouse the Apache connects to the right Site. It only looks like the Picture above and not as the normal NextCLoud Site

So you found the files? They should like /etc/apache2/sites-available, and there should be symlinks to them in /etc/apache2/sites-available. And of course they should not be identical, as the https version must contain the ssl keys. Can you confirm this so far?

If the symlink is missing, you can create it by

sudo a2ensite

That would make a difference.

I have loked at the httpd.conf and the httpd-ssl.conf in my nexctcloud folder, they both listen to the rights Ports and domains. i cant find an sites-avaible files in my apache folder.

What operating system is that? Are the files in your nextcloud folder directly referenced in the apache config somewhere? Obviously the httpd.conf is but the other not. Is the directory /etc/apache2 existing? Is there a /etc/apache2/apache2.conf in it?

I have installed it derct to my NAS (QNAP) with pre installed Apache. Maybe the files are something else? I finde the httpd.conf/httpd-ssl.conf/php.ini. but no apache2.conf. What should be written in this apache2.conf? Maybe they just hse a different name.

Again, what OS is running on your NAS? Is it a system like this:

Obviously you can log in as root. Try this command:

find / | grep apache | grep conf

this should find your apache conf files.

Yes a nas like that (6 bay) i will trythis command tommorow and write than back, thank you so far

with this command i see many conf files of teh Apache :slight_smile: Tomorrow i go and searching for the right config.
I write back then.

Hello, i cant find the differents. Thank you for your help. I think it is faster to reinstall the Apache and the NExtcloud than find any failure in this files.

Thanks anywhay :slight_smile:

I think your https config in the nextcloud directory is not used at all. This will not be changed by reinstallation. You have to find our where the config is referenced in the apache config.