Hello everyone!
I want to delete this file and i have already found on my Centos8 server but i could not trace the file. can anyone tell me how to delete or move this file. So i can update.

Thank you

Check the content of the Nextcloud document root folder where you should find the file/directory. Pleas have in mind that the name starts with a leading dot, which means it might be hidden by default if you search the directory using any 3rd-party software.

Thank you for your reply. i have found the file. Should i delete it without doing backup? or move it?

I think the file is usually not part of the Nextcloud software and can be removed, but if you want to be on the save site you should always move it to a directory outsite the Nextcloud document root directory first. If everything works fine you might delete it in a second step.

i just checked the content of the file, there are users and admins in this file. Can you suggest something?

Move it away