Htaccess: php_value not allowed when calling via https

I have a Nextcloud 12.0.2 installation @ Opensuse LEAP 42.3 with apache2 2.4.23 and php7.
Calling nextcloud via http:// (:80) works fine…
calling it via https:// (:443) will show a green lock (verified server) but only gives a:
Server Error!
The request can not be answered because an internal error has occurred in the server. The server is either overloaded or an error has occurred in a CGI script.

The error log file shows:
[core:alert] [pid 2422] [client ip.ip.ip.ip:50264] /srv/www/htdocs/cloud4/.htaccess: php_value not allowed here

Removing htaccess complete lets the https:// site load beautifully, then I have tried to comment out one by one php_value s for php7 but no luck…

Does anybody have a hint? Thank you!

Virtual Host Configuration:
removed (I dont think that has an impact)

How does your nextcloud vhost look like? Did you add AllowOverride All to <Directory .../cloud4>?

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