.htaccess file empty


I just installed Nextcloud, but the .htaccess file is completely empty.
When I go into /var/www/html/ and type ‘nano .htaccess’ it just wants to make a new file.
Im running Debian 10 and Nextcloud 17.0.1.
AllowOverride ist set to All in the apache2 conf.
Is it normal that the htaccess is not there? Do I have to generate it in any way?


Is /var/www/html/ really the installation dir of nextcloud? Might it be /var/www/html/nextcloud or /var/www/nextcloud/ ? Check this first, and look for .htaccess in the nextcloud directory.

Ok thanks for the help. It was still in the nextcloud directory. I thought I moved it because I installed it in /nextcloud and moved everything to /html/