HPB Down, nothing helps

This is very frustrating. My instance was running solid for over a year. I set up a new instance and this is all happening again.

HPB down (reboot doesn’t fix it).
Nextcloud Check: error

The closed ports don’t affect anything. I have upnp open on my router and everything works.

With HPB being down, I can’t seem to do anything.

Running on a raspberrypi 3b+. Running the latest software.

Hi, I had similar problems yesterday after reinstalling and importing the backup. NCP ran for a while and then the errors HPB down, Nextcloud Check Error and Error 503 occurred on the Nextcloud instance. I tried quite a lot but everything helped if only briefly. I suspect that my SD card was corrupted. I installed on new card and NCP is now running for 12 hours without problems (knock on wood).

In case of 503 the following does help in some cases:

sudo bash -c 'source /usr/local/etc/library.sh && clear_opcache' 
sudo service php8.1-fpm restart

This for a docker installation. You might have to adapt it to non-docker environment.

And in case HPB does not work you can try:

ncc notify_push:self-test
 ncc notify_push:setup https://<your_domain>/push

Hm. I now have a very similar problem.