Howto use talk app, requirements

Hello together,

I’m trying around with the new talk app and can not get it to work.

The problem is, that is seems to be that new so no working howto can be found on the net.
And maybe I just lack some of the requirements, I don’t know.

So here is the scenario I’m playing with and maybe someone can help me with what I need to do to get this working:

My network is connected to the internet with a static public IP. My nextcloud server runs version 13.0 and is located in my dmz. The firewall forwards port 443 of the public IP to it’s private IP. I have a working DNS resolution so I can reach my nextcloud via Nextcloud itself is working fine in that constellation.

So what do I need to do video calls from my client located in my internal network to some mobile device running the nextcloud talk app?
My internal client can also reach the nextcloud server using since my internal DNS resolves the domain name to the internal IP of my nextcloud server. Also from this client nextcloud itself is working fine. So what am I missing? Do I need to forward additional ports from my public IP to the nextcloud server and/or open additional ports from internal to the nextcloud server?

Some help here would be very welcome.

Thanks a lot

and is located in my dmz.

you will need a TURN Server, I’ve had similiar problems recently. This Blog helped:

I see, thank you.