Howto setting up theming colors and icons into a new theme under /nc/themes/$theme

Hi Peoples,

I have noticed , since end of NC13 up to NC14 it is an other
behaviour of setting up of the theme colors and icons via variables,

how can /must i now setting up color & icon variables in custom theme ?

can anyone make a example-theme ,
howto or/and something
for putting it in themes ?

in the other hand need i a help to have a possible to change my theme
to the new standards …

my theme :

best regards

@juliushaertl can you help?

I would also like to see full documentation somewhere. There is some documentation in the developer manual, but it seems incomplete. For instance, I am trying to find out how to set a custom image for the login screen (my goal is to have different themes per domain)


take a look on this theme :

and add :

and disable the “Themes” from Nextcloud,
then it is possible to customizing the login

have fun.

Custom the Pictures, like Folder’s would be nice, i have done it, but
the Nextcloud-developer whant it not supporting :\ a bit pity…
and behind a time has it no more works …

so, have fun by testing out…

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