Howto´╝ÜHide download and print when sharing files

Hello everyone´╝Ü
I have some PDF files,user can view them in brower,but they are not allowed to download or print them.´╝łhide download and print´╝îlet files just can view only´╝ë
Is any way to do this in nc20?

ThatÔÇÖs an easy task, click on the three dots (...) behind the displayed pdf file name in the files app and select ÔÇťDownloadÔÇŁ :wink:


but i`d like to know how to hide this ÔÇťdownloadÔÇŁ option button
(and also I need know how to hide ÔÇťprinterÔÇŁ button in view windows´╝ë

I have edited my question to make it more clearly
thanks all the way´╝î j-ed