Howto add authentification in Nextcloud client?

This is a nOOb question :

I have a Nextcloud account in,
when the nextcloud client (NextCloud Connectio Wizard) asks me the server address, I enter
it returns :
Fail to connect.... Host require authentification

How i am suppose to entrer the authentification ?

for windows client you perhaps wanna try only?

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Hi Jimmy,
KISS was the anwser ! I’m on Linux and it works also.
Well done!

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:blush: :heart_eyes_cat:

@ngux how are you finding Cloudamo?

I’ve just been taking a look at them because they were suggested to me by Nextcloud’s website, their pricing is pretty excellent, and they have a pretty good website, but they don’t have a Twitter account and there’s no one manning the sales chat support on their website.