HowTo about File organisation

Well, I’m new to NC. This question is about file organisation and how you make it effective, and not about errors or internal code.

I’m part of a voluntary organisation, which uses NC to store lots of files, so everybody can upload and download their share. Each user has his own idea of organisation rules which leads to very different patterns of folders and file naming. The result is a bunch of files and nested folders where you won’t find what you look for. This is obviously an old problem and not very much related to NC.

Except: I would like to use file links (not shared files, that is), so a specific file in a specific folder can be linked to from other folders (and even with different file names). Thus, very different folder patterns can be set up, while the mentioned file remains unique (single sourcing).

Would such links be possible in NC? Where can I find more information about this problem?
If not, which tools are suggested to be used to make sorting and organisation more flexible and effective?

I wouldn’t be surprised to be sent to a very simple solution, but I don’t have a clue where to go.


Links are not possible in Nextcloud. Instead you have to work with tags and projects to group and assign metadata to your files. Not exactly the same though.

Thanks for the hint. Where do I find more about using projects?
While I found something about tags, the user manual is quite short about the idea of projects.

Haven’t used it much myself. There was some info in some announcements before.

I think that you simply chose share and then add to project.