How would you do user feedback

hey everybody,

I have a group of non-techies and I want to give them an easy way to report problems they have with using Nextcloud.
Ideally they can include a screenshot of what is going on.

Can you suggest an app/ feature that makes this process faster & more accessible to users?

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Are these end-users of a NC installation you’re overseeing or are they users that are deploying it themselves?

I assume the former, but just checking.

What will be their primary access method?

You can use apps like Forms or the function of upload/file drop. But i think the best and easiest way is e-mail.

Forms - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Thanks for asking the clarifying questions :+1:


Web only.

Yeah I tried that, but the feedback is “email sucks” - it’s a non-profit so making up rules for people to follow is a bit tougher to sell.

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I assume you mean “report problems to you”. If they are reporting problems to someone else that could be even more confusing for us to offer advice on. Assuming the helper is you:

Have you tried offering them any level of training or workshops or provided documentation?

To report problems they will at least need to understand how to take screenshots from their computer and then know where to upload them.

Talk is an option within Nextcloud when used with Upload only shared folders. You may want to setup a forum such as Discourse, what we are on now, or a pastebin where they can post log files. Depends on the nature of your non-profit and how it works + how many people.

You would want to start regularly analyzing your logs and fixing any errors.
You will want to think about how you want to organize the Nextcloud space so it makes sense for these users.

  • You might need to use impersonate so you can see the problem from their eyes.
    • You can also create a user account for the sake of seeing how things are setup for various groups / users on your Nextcloud.
  • You’ll want to write up documentation to address any confusions for how things work.

If this is too much, consider paying someone else to manage your Nextcloud for you. :heart:
Hope some of these ideas help.


Correct, thanks for the clarification :+1:

A proper onboarding & learning is already in the works. It won’t scale if my users ask me about everything that is in the manual.

Yeah that’s kinda my issue.
IMO a good feedback mechanism comprises of

  • a button that is available from any nextcloud generated content if a user is logged in**
  • A screenshot of their current view is taken automatically before opening an overlay to describe the issue

Especially for transient errors it’s important that the user does not need to navigate away from the page the error has occured on.

**In an ideal world, the data to gather would be configurable in case I might need/ want to collect logs automatically.

Thanks for the additional suggestions, they are obvious given ones :wink: I’ve even in the progress of automating, they are especially helpful after major upgrades.