How users be able to manage groups whithout be Admin?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am working on a project about the management of groups.

Currently, only a administrator is able to manage groups (CRUD).

I would like simple users to manage groups (CRUD), using this API :

Could we use the ocs/v1.php/cloud/groups method without sending a plaintext password ?

Could we send a hash password ? Or a token (like the JWT) ?

Some one tell me I can use Circles app.
But, I cannot based on groupfolders on Circles.

Unless I am mistaken ?

Thank you and I am waiting your answers :smile:

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perhaps you can share a bit more about your use case, what are you trying to achieve?

You mention managing custom groups - that is what circles is for.

You mention managing group folders - this is explicitly a feature we developed for admins to share a folder with groups that normal users can’t change. In group folders you have ACL’s, though, to sub-manage it, but letting a normal user create a groupfolder - that was never the intention of it. Can you describe why you need that, in a use case?

Hi @jospoortvliet :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I’m sorry I should have told my use case.

Use case :

I would like one simple user to manage a group and group folder.
An user (no admin) create a group that is “foo” and he will create a groupfolder that is “bar”. Then, he will add users in “foo” group and finally, he will add “foo” group in “bar” groupfolder.

This user shouldn’t be admin or sub-admin.

Some one tell me to use “Circles” for one user manage the groups. But, I don’t think that work with groupfolders.

For the groupfolder, some one told me I can do a pull request to groupfolder app and add additional one role. But I don’t resolve for the group management yet

Yes, this is currently not possible. Is a normal group share using Circles not good enough?

I guess, in theory, it might be possible to allow the creation of group folders for Circles, but currently that really is not possible, it will need deeper Circles integration in Nextcloud. We have plans for that, though, but it will take quite some time.

If you need this in your business, you could consider talking to our sales team about speeding it up.

Hello @jospoortvliet :slight_smile:

No, Circles app doesn’t answer what I’m looking for…

But, I found there isn’t a notion of the role or group for users in Nextcloud. All users are admin except some exceptions.
So, I have to put @NoAdminRequired annotation for a simple user can access a few methods, routes or classes.

I will do a pull-requeset and I will talk with the developers if necessary :slight_smile: