How to work with Storj

Hi all, I’ve more an interrogation than a problem, with the Storj storage connector.
Actually I have a server v 27.x perfectly working and a Storj connector with good parameters.
No problem with that.
My nextcloud client (last version 3.10.2) on my mac does see the new directory formally created in the admin. I asked to synchronize this directory on my disk so I can write directly in it without going to the web interface.
It’s working but… when I put a file (even a very small one) I go checking the synchro (and the storj interface) to ensure all goes right.
And that’s my question : even with only one file, the tools go checking for ALL the files (actually around 2900) probably to be sure this is the only file to upload.
That’s really strange ! Is this a normal behavior ?