How to work with or deactivate delayed downloads / synchronizations

Since some months, I recognized some changes in my Windows desktop client concerning its synchronization / download behavior:

(1) synchronized files between clients don’t get immediately downloaded locally, but the download is now postponed to the situation when I actively open (click on) the respective file within the Windows system. Then, a download window appears. And only then, the file seems to really be on my local system.

(2) local backups (activated by drag/drop or copy/paste within the WindowsExplorer) now exclude my NextCloud folders. The Folders seem to be integrated only as “folder links”, not as real folders containing files. Thus, I have to manually scan through my backups and ensure that even the NextCloud folders have been properly copied.

Is there a possibility to re-activate IMMEDIATE DOWNLOADS of already synchronized files, as it was the default some months ago?

If not, how can I ensure proper operation of e.g. local BACKUPS of NextCloud?


Hi again,

Is the described effect of delayed download known / visible to anyone excelp myself, anyway? Or would it rather be some odd local configuration issue concerning non-NextCloud components within my system?


For some time now, the VirtualFiles function is available in addition to the traditional sync method. Your description would fit to the VF behaviour.

Hi @JMLatNC, thank you. Yes, it was the VirtualFiles feature which I now managed to deactivate after reading the documentation on VirtualFiles.